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Plant of the Month: Daylily



With over 80,000 cultivars (a plant variety that has been produced in cultivation by selective breeding) world wide, the daylily is a very diverse and beautiful perennial. With plants living in hardiness zones of 1-11, this plant is known for its hardiness and reliability in the garden.

Tall shoots of flowers stand tall over spikes of grass like foliage below, the flowers come in pinks, purples, reds, yellows and whites, often a variety of multiple colours on each blooms. This perennial, depending on cultivar, can bloom early, mid or late summer. Some are even re-blooming varieties!

theres a place for daylilies in any garden, as you can find varieties growing from 6" all the way to 4' in height. the large flowers are surly a show stopper, tested and true- they will grow in any loose garden soil with ease.

A few varieties to check out:

"Barbara Mitchell" Photo cred: A-1 Daylilies

"Hillbilly Heart" Photo cred: Houzz-Shive

"Out of the Blue" Photo cred: Daylily Blog

"Pardon Me" Photo cred: Unknown

"Mini Stella" Photo cred: American Meadows