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Plant of the Month: Lenten Rose

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Lenten Rose or Christmas Rose


Helleborus get their name christmas or lenten rose, from the beautiful rose like flower they produce, coming in a range of colours, white, yellow, green, light pink, dark pink, purple and peach! The “flower” petals, are actually modified leaves, which protect the actual flower in the center of it, allowing this perennial to flower for an extended period of time, sometimes up to 3-4 months.

They are a long flowering perennial, and may very well be the first perennial that you see flowering in the garden in the spring. They have even been known to flower in the snow in february! The foliage on most varieties is a thick leathery leaf that is often an evergreen, meaning it will not die back in the fall and will remain green all winter. Although, it will likley be covered in snow as it typically only grows to about 8-12” in height.

If you are looking for a show stopper in the spring to get your flower inspiration early in the season, consider a hellebore! There are thousands of varieties to be able to find the perfect specimen for your garden space.

Notable cultivars: Blushing Bridesmaid, Wedding bells, Peppermint ice, Onyx Odyssey, Rome in Red