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Plant of the Month: Limelight Hydrangea

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Limelight Hydrangea

Late summer/fall stunner

This beautiful woody shrub is part of the Paniculata family of hydrangea. Huge cone shaped flowers stand above elegant green serrated leaves below. Lime green flowers open and turn to a bright white-green colour, fading to green and pink in the fall.

This time tested flowering shrub has proven its worth by giving mid summer flowers that last through until fall. Leaving the flowers on past the fall gives interest in the garden for the winter months that can be cut off and used for arrangements or left on the plant in the garden.

Once established, this drought tolerant plant can reach heights of 8' tall and 8' wide, but can be easily pruned to be kept smaller. There is a place in any full sun garden for the Limelight Hydrangea as the colours of the flowers will match any landscape or house.

There is a dwarf variety of the Limelight called Little Lime which grows to approximately half the size and will produce smaller blooms.