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Nestled in the Countryside

Backyard pool with cabana

A place to entertain family and friends… outside.

With three active children and a young golden retriever, this client’s family was entertaining family and friends throughout the summer. With their children growing older, creating a space to make memories together as a family was top of mind.

Bringing the family together.

With an already existing deck with sunken hot-tub as well as a garage, this family already had the starting points of an enjoyable landscape.

The vision for this project was of an outdoor retreat that would bring the family together. A place where multiple activities could take place — pool basketball, swimming, lounging in the cabana or out on the patio — a miniature resort of sorts.

Making new memories.

We designed with this vision in mind. An expansive pool connects to the clients’ existing home and deck, and there are endless places to sit, lounge and relax, whether in the sun or the shade.

Because the clients were so engaged in the planning and had a clear vision in mind, the end result came together wonderfully. The pool gets lots of use, the plants continue to mature and new memories are made each day.

Designing for value.

Part of the process involved “value engineering” around what already existed and taking advantage of the terrain. For example, the cabana was built on as an addition to the pre-existing garage, keeping pricing down.

The neighbouring farmer’s field drains the majority of its water to the outside edge of the pool, which created issues with groundwater. To solve this, we raised the pool and moved the cabana to where it connects to the garage, avoiding potential flooding. This also allowed for unique sight lines and the reuse of water for groundwater recharging.

Key Design Elements

  • Poolside cabana

    Poolside Cabana

    Integrated into the existing garage, this shade structure is the ideal setting to relax away from the sun. Thoughtful furniture choices, two built-in fridges and retractable, remote controlled screens make it easy to enjoy this spot for a snack, a game of cards away from the bugs or simply to relax late into the evening.

  • Pool

    Extensive Patio & Expansive Pool

    Just steps from the back door is a substantive in-ground pool with a surrounding patio to match! Whether in the pool playing basketball, jumping off the diving board or drying off under the hot summer sun, there’s no shortage of space.

  • Backyard pool

    Stunning Sight Lines

    A rustic garden adds a softer element to the surrounding hardscape. With flowing grasses and beautiful colours when in bloom, the plant choices elevate the horizon and enhance the sunset during the warmer months.

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