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Garden Trends in 2022: Part 2

Cottage Gardens:

Cottage gardens are like a fairytale scene come to life, they are dense with a wide variety of flowers and foliage arranged in free-form beds. These romantic gardens often include curved pathways that lead you under arched trellises and into intimate spaces; decorated with potted plants, comfortable wicker furniture, and vines that clamber up pergolas.

Here are a few tips to create your own cottage garden.

1. Plant Close together and add lots of colour:

The wide variety of growth in cottage gardens is what makes them so fascinating, they traditionally include an abundance of flora and foliage planted in compact spacing; containing a mix of perennials, annuals, herbs and even vegetable plants. You can even pick a colour theme! We loved creating this garden that uses a variety of shades all within the realm of purple, yellow, and green. But beware, not all plants thrive in densely planted areas. However, if you get the combo just right, this style of gardening will result in your yard exploding with colour and texture! We know the amount of plant varieties out there and their individual needs can be overwhelming so we are here to support you in your pursuit of your dream garden.

2. Enclose the garden:

Adding hedges or an old-fashioned picket fence not only functions as a practical way to protect your garden, it also serves as a background to compliment the flower beds and enhances the overall aesthetic of the garden.

3. Embrace the curves

A cottage garden is the perfect space to slow down and take in nature, with the curving rock pathways that go along with the irregular shaped garden beds; its unpredictable yet intriguing design invites people to explore further.

4. Add Decorative Elements and Outdoor Furnishing:

As for a finishing touch add a little bit of charm to your space with decorative elements that complement the surroundings, such as arched trellises that are covered in climbing foliage, fountains and timeless outdoor furniture made from natural materials. Better yet, use these trellises to plant climbing fruit and vegetable plants and pick yourself a fresh summer’s harvest for a cozy cottage meal.