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Garden & Lawn Maintenance

If you love the idea of enjoying your outdoor space, but it doesn’t include working in your garden or trying to keep your lawn green and healthy, why not let us take care of it for you. We’ll give your gardens and lawns the attention and care they need to look lush and beautiful all season long. And you can get to work on getting the most of your life outdoors!
Five Year
Extended warranty offer
For any of our built hardscapes or irrigation systems, our extended warranty gives the added certainty that should any problems arise in the following 5 years, we’ll take care of it at no charge.

The care to make your gardens flourish.

If you're looking to place the care of your cherished lawn and gardens in the hands of someone else, make sure it's a service that will bring the right work ethic and know-how every time. The Wentworth Landscapes team have the horticultural expertise and conscientious attitudes that will keep your property alive and flourishing.

Lawn care services for the meticulous homeowner.

Our lawn cutting standards are permanently set to “Perfectionist.” Our service is sure to please, even if you demand nothing less than a consistently immaculate property.

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