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Aquatics Division: Let's make a splash!

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Want to know what makes us stand out from the crowd?

We build pools and spas, but are also capable of any water feature project imaginable.

We build both vinyl lined and concrete pools.

We are experts in Vinyl-Over-Steel installations of step and benches. These installations give our vinyl liner pools a truly elegant look that mimics concrete pools that are more than twice the cost.

Our Architectural Features like raised walls, shade sales and integral pavilions and bridges bring our pools to a whole new level of aesthetics and integration into the landscape design.

We use top tier materials and equipment. We don’t subscribe to ‘budget’ materials and never cut any corners.

Our Aquatic Department Head has over 20 years in the industry, more than half of which has been in commercial projects including the Pam Am Village and other prominent projects. We have a deep and broad level of experience.

Complicated aquatic designs that include infinity edges, surge tanks and other specialties are well within our capabilities.

Our pool equipment pads are impeccable with equipment properly organized and plumbing sized to commercial standards.

We offer a wide variety of fire and water features to enhance the look of the aquatic project. The Wentworth Aquatic Service Department is ready to help our pool, spa and water feature clients with any need. Challenging builds are not a problem for us; Bedrock, water issues and poor substrates are all manageable. Lighting, hydrotherapy, air bubblers…just let us know what your dream is and we will make it real.

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