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Awards of Excellence

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2016 was a year of growth and business development for our growing Wentworth family. We expanded our Maintenance division, we decided to bring on another designer who will be joining us very soon, and we challenged ourselves to grow the Come Alive Outside organization in Ontario and Canada - more on that later...

Just two weeks into the new year and so far 2017 has been a continuation of last year's successes. This week members of our team have been at Landscape Ontario Congress, a week long trade show and series of workshops and conferences. Scott Wentworth presented at the Designers Conference on Monday adressing the need for our industry to lead social change making the point that our current indoor sedentary lifestyles are not helping us pysically or mentally. He spoke with the intention of inspiring other industry leaders with the Come Alive Outside message. That is to inspire collaborative community systems that create awareness, intention, and opportunity for people to live healthier lives outside. Examples of this include The Green Streets Challenge and The CAO Design Challenge.

Fast forward to Tuesday evening, we along with hundreds of other landscape professionals flooded the International Plaza Hotel in anticipation of the annual Landscape Ontario Awards of Excellence Ceremony. It was an evening of celebrating everyone's successes, including our own. We were the proud recipients of the following awards:

Awards of Excellence

Scott Wentworth received the Community Leadership Award for his tremendous dedication to spreading the message of Come Alive Outside and making a social impact in our community and many others.

Our Maintenance division accepted a Private Residential Maintenance Award as well as the prestigious Don Salivan Award for Grounds Management, which will go on to be considered for the national award.

And our Design and Construction teams accepted three separate Residential Construction awards.

Each of these Awards took creativity, dedication, hundreds of hours of hardwork, but most importantly teamwork. All of these properties were touched in some way by each department (Designers, Construction crews, Lawn and Garden Maintenance crews, Seasonal Display crew, Administration and Communications teams). These awards are a great way to celebrate 2016 and set goals for 2017.

Up next, tomorrow will reveal the winning team of the Picton Come Alive Outside Design Challenge. Check our Facebook Page for updates.

For now, here are more images from the ceremony.

Landscape Ontario Congress