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Enhance your landscape on a budget

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Landscaping on a budget doesn’t imply settling for less. From gardens, front walkways, or even patios. With the right knowledge and resources, you can still achieve an attractive landscape while being cost efficient. Here are some ways you can achieve an attractive landscape on a budget:

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Enhancing your garden on a budget:

Planning a garden project this spring and on a budget? We understand a trip to the greenhouse is not always an affordable option, but there are ways you can create an attractive garden while being cost efficient:

Grow from seed:

Potted perennials are often more expensive because you are paying for the operating costs that went into growing the plants. That is why it is more affordable to grow your perennials from seed. Although this process will take more time and effort. It will without a doubt save you money on your garden project and if done successfully will give you a greater appreciation for your garden.

Meadow gardens:

Meadow gardens are an affordable option while providing visual beauty to your property, and better yet they are also a sustainable landscape option. Often including native, drought tolerant and pollinator friendly perennials, these types of plants support the biodiversity within your landscape and require much less resources to maintain once fully matured. In return, save you money on expensive fertilizers and your monthly water bill! Also the materials to build a meadow garden are also cost efficient, all you need is fertile soil, native plant seed, time and care.

Buy perennials that you can divide to extend your plant material:

Did you know that certain perennials can be divided into smaller plants when matured? This method provides you with more plant material, which will save you money from having to buy more plants to fill those gaps. It’s also beneficial for your plants health, overcrowded perennials will fight for water and nutrients, so dividing them will help them thrive. So not only is this practice better for the health of your plants, it's also a great way to make the most of one single plant, saving you money.

Here are some hardy plants you can divide easily:

  • Hostas
  • Black-Eyed Susan
  • Sedum
  • Yarrow

For more visit:

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Freshen the look of your gardens with mulch and a clean edge:

Believe it or not but even a fresh layer of mulch and a clean garden edge can make all the difference when it comes to enhancing the look of your property, and beyond the aesthetic appeal, it’s also affordable option, with bags of mulch costing roughly $5-$6 (granted, affordability depends on the size of your gardens, you can always prioritize the gardens at the front of your house or around your patios to save money) With that said, mulch might be worth the extra splurge because it holds water and helps keep the soil moist longer, which will help conserve water, in return saving you money on your monthly water bill. Mulch also helps suppress weeds, saving you time as well. If you have a shovel or a proper edger a clean garden edge will cost you nothing!


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Incorporating Landscape Decor on a budget:

Enhancing your front or backyard doesn’t always have to involve extreme changes to the landscape itself. Sometimes even the smallest changes make the biggest impact, for example, it can be as simple as draping string lights over your backyard patio, incorporating potted plants on your doorstep or adding outdoor decor such as area rugs and pillows to your patio set. Decorating your outdoor living area not only adds style and creates a more welcoming space, it’s also an affordable option for enhancing your landscape.


Adding little elements such as string lights give your landscape a whimsical touch and create a welcoming glow once the sun sets. Whether you drape them over your back patio or intertwine them around your deck, including lights ensures that every night is a starry one. Check out these $60 lights at Home Hardware.

Photo by Sanath Kumar on Unsplash

Patio rugs:

Just like our interiors, outdoor area rugs are often included in our patio space to enhance the style and add a layer of comfort from the hard surface, but, unlike interior rugs, outdoor rugs are built to be resistant to the outdoor elements and easy to clean from leaves and other debris. Check out these $60 rugs at Home Hardware.


If you want to add a touch of colour and charm to your outdoor space, planters are the easiest way to achieve that. Whether you buy the premade ones for the supermarket or design your own, planters are a cost efficient and easy way to decorate your patio area or front step.

Other Tips:

  • Buy your perennials in June & July. Plants are the most expensive in April and May so buy your plants once the prices start going down in June and July
  • Buy your outdoor furniture and decor in the fall. Just like perennials these items will be the most expensive in the spring and will be reduced in price come fall.
  • Buy energy efficient or solar lights to save money on energy bills.

Finally.. Landscaping on a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing beauty for affordability, you CAN have both, with a little more planning, budgeting in some cases some extra garden work, you can still achieve an attractive landscape while being cost efficient.