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HOH Living Tribute: A Tree for Every Hero

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"I have to tell you a short story. About a Canadian to whom we all owe a debt. His name is Corporal Nick Kerr.

When Canada engaged in the Afghanistan War Corporal Kerr volunteered to serve in active duty. Not just once, but for two tours of duty. He saw a lot of stuff. And he attended the funerals of eight of his fellow service friends. Eight. One of them was his best friend, James Arnal, who was recently remembered in the Honour & Remembrance section of our newsletter.

In late September this year Corporal Kerr drove himself from CFB Petawawa to Whitby, Ontario, to plant trees with the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute in memory of his fallen comrades. That is about a six hour drive. I had the privilege of working by his side that day, digging, planting and mulching until the job was done. The next day, a Sunday, he showed up at another one of our public tree plantings in Ajax, about 15 minutes down the Highway of Heroes to the west of Whitby. Dig and plant. All day. And then he drove himself home. Another 6 hours.

Corporal Kerr wanted to do this. Perhaps he HAD to do it, once he learned of our public plantings. Perhaps it was therapy, a couple of days of healing and quiet reflection as he created new life through his efforts, in memory of some people who live no more."

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Earlier this year we helped to plant several trees along the Highway of Heroes as part of the Living Tribute to honour our fallen soldiers. Now you can help to honour our soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Your donation will buy a tree on the Highway of Heroes that will provide a living legacy for generations.

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