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Hope is Growing this Spring

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Sunny and Bright

Wentworth Landscapes is excited to announce the launch of the Hope is Growing program brought to you by CiB-Cef! This Spring of 2021, anyone and everyone, including municipalities, organizations, schools, churches, colleges and universities, clubs, businesses, and individuals can participate by planting a Hope Garden. The goal is to see the land awash with gardens featuring yellow, the international colour of hope, as a way to spread a message of optimism during these difficult times. From parks to playgrounds, front yards, back yards, balconies, baskets, boulevards, barrels and planters, wherever there’s an empty space, there is room for a plant, and together we can, and we will make this happen! We strongly encourage each member of our team to plant a Hope Garden this spring, as well as spread the message to those around you by sharing photos/messages on social media using the hashtag #hopeisgrowing.

As sponsors of this campaign, we at Wentworth Landscapes are privileged to work alongside partners that include the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association, Garden Centres Canada, Scotts Canada, the National Capital Commission, the Canadian Garden Council, Mark & Ben Cullen, Come Alive Outside and Nutrients for Life. As a collective group, we aim to promote the idea of Growing Hope to people throughout Canada and the world. With involvement from individuals across provinces, borders and oceans, the Hope is Growing campaign will help unite those afar in a simple and inclusive way. After all, the garden is where #hopeisgrowing!

Planting yellow = planting hope. We can’t wait to see what your Hope Garden looks like!

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