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Prolongue Your Outdoor Season with These Fire Features

One of our favourite ways to transition from the warm sunny days to the cool fall evenings is to spend it fireside with a glass of vino and warm blankets. In fact, we'd argue that fall is the best campfire season! Breathing in crisp air, noticing the gentle brush of a cool breeze across your cheeks while simultaneously feeling the warmth of the fire travel up through your toes. Fire prolongues our outdoor season and offers a unique comfort that little else can.

Pair that with the classic campfire treat, a s'more, and you're golden. Or atleast a perfectly roasted marshmallow is!

So get inspired with these fire features and firepits.

Set the mood and let the ambiance speak for itself with this firebowl and two-tier water feature combo.

Invite a few friends over for an afternoon happy hour.

Cozy up with the family.

Take a quick dip in the pool, warm up in the hot tub amidst the ambient lighting, then cozy up by the firetable all while enjoying the view.

Spend the evening nestled into this cozy nook.

Enjoy the cool lakeside breeze while staying warm with this shallow firepit.

Sneak away to this storybook firepit.

Which one would you choose?

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