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Wentworth News - LO Employer of Choice Award

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Looking back, the team at Wentworth Landscapes has a lot to be proud of in 2020! Not only did we have an exceptional number of sales during one of the most challenging years yet, we also expanded the company and started a new department for interior and exterior renovations that has broadened our value within the field of construction. We also re-introduced Garden Studios and are working hard to implement these structures within the landscapes of current and future clients, while simultaneously growing our Aquatics Department to meet the standard we have been working towards for the previous few years. The result of everyone’s hard work throughout 2020 is prevalent when looking towards our 2021 construction/build schedule because for the first time in Wentworth history we have fully booked the pool division for 2021! This, along with the tremendous work from Landscape Maintenance, our Residential and Commercial designs/builds, and the work with Come Alive Outside has made the 30th anniversary of Wentworth Landscapes one to remember.

To top off an amazing year for the team, Wentworth Landscape has been awarded one of Landscape Ontario’s most admirable awards to date, the Employer of Choice Award. This award was given to the landscape company who has the best systems and processes in place for employees to be successful within the workplace. The award is also used to promote all landscaping companies to higher their standards and improve areas of the workplace that are unsuitable for employees. Listed below are the required characteristics needed to win the Employer of Choice Award and a great reflection of the values we strive towards here at Wentworth Landscapes.

Competency Standards

Offer and pay for ongoing education and training to its staff and management 1 in 10 staff to have Landscape Industry Certification, apprenticeship, or equivalent Use of CLD or equivalent on staff if Design/Build firm Must show employee retention statistics

Character Standards

Google Reviews Company policy and employee manual Gives back to the community Conscious of environmental initiatives

Business Operations Standards

Has a fair, concise and significant company policy manual. Has safety as a priority in the day to day operations of its company and staff Loss time statistics WSIB from the last five years Has a Mission statement and Strategic plan of action that is developed with its own staff Must be compliant with safety legislation

Financial Standards

Offers fair or better remuneration in their respective markets (at or above the average from the wage surveys- with career ladders) Credit Exchange to ensure credit standing Offers a pension plan to staff Offers overtime Offers Health Benefits

Industry/Community Involvement

Membership in the Peer to Peer program Strives to hire Horticulture students when possible. Contributes volunteer hours to the association Encourages staff to participate in LO events and meetings Supports local Horticultural education programs.

The Employer of Choice Award is a tremendous accomplishment that each member of the Wentworth team should be proud of while going into the 2021 season! Now, let’s be appreciative of this success and continue to work hard on these principles to ensure we come up victorious two years in a row!

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