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A favourite down-time destination.

Who doesn’t love to cozy up in front of a crackling fire, for an enchanting setting with a loved one or a warming glow at a party. It’s a feel-good feature for any backyard.


Fire for All Seasons

An outdoor fireplace is great for extending the use of your backyard space. Think spring brunch by the fire when you can’t wait to get back outside, a warm gathering place on a cool summer evening or roasting marshmallows with the kids on a brisk fall day. Even a welcome place to get warm after a winter skating party! It’s a sure part of some great memories!

Natural Gas Fireplace

Natural Gas

For a fire anytime with minimal effort, a natural gas fireplace can make for a beautiful setting at a moment’s notice.

Wood burning fireplace

Wood Burning

For the fire purist, nothing beats wood burning. The wonderful smell, the crackling sounds, the unparalleled beauty…

Light Your Perfect Fire

There are so many features available for outdoor fireplaces today – components that make sitting by the fire a truly luxury experience.

  • Fireplace Mantle

    Mantles and Hearths

    Bring the indoors out with a substantial mantle surrounding your fireplace. Available in a range of styles, from rustic lodge to modern gallery.

  • Glass Doors

    Glass Doors

    Doors give a fireplace a finished, polished look while providing a very real safety factor, especially if there are young ones around.

  • Wood Storage

    Built-in Wood Storage

    Don’t think of wood storage area as a purely rustic effect – this very practical idea can look ultra contemporary too.

Warm Up to a Fire Pit

Fire Pit

Sunken Fire Pits

Backyard fun, day or night, with a getaway feel! What a great focal point for having friends over for the evening or roasting dinner over the fire with the kids. Sunken fire pits can be a relatively low cost feature with a big effect.

Fire Pit

Raised Fire Pits

A more sophisticated option, raised fire areas can take a multitude of forms. Troughs of fire, displays mixing fire with water and tapered lines of fire are some innovative options, but almost any configuration is possible. Let's discuss the possibilities!

Other Ways to Stay Warm
  • Heating Table

    Heating Tables

    Heating tables deliver the enchanting effect of fire in a more contemporary format.

  • Outdoor Heater

    Outdoor Heaters

    Why not have a valuable source of heat that also functions as a beautiful accessory to your outdoor area?

  • Steel Fire Feature

    Steel Fire Features

    Fire elevated to an art form, creative fire features can be custom designed and commissioned for a backyard statement piece whether it’s in use or not.

  • Fire Bowl

    Fire Bowls

    One of the most practical options for including a fire area in your backyard. Easily transportable, minimal maintenance and no permanent construction required.

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