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Front Entranceways

Come Home


It’s your happy place.

Your home is your centre. Your refuge. A reflection of your style. So it’s most rewarding feelings to come home to a place you feel great about.


Arrive and Smile

  • Pillars


    A beautiful way to give a property front some presence. Pillars can actually work with a variety of architectural styles, and we can help you determine if they’re right for your home.

  • Gates


    Set an refined tone from the start. Wrought iron and metal gates can serve an important security function, but they also lend a property a timeless estate feel.

  • Address Stone

    Address Stones

    Make your house number more visible or perhaps display your home’s name. Convey it stylishly with a substantial address stone set in a strategic place on your property front.

Pull up to Style

Whatever the look you want to achieve for your property front, your driveway will be a large part of your home’s curb appeal. Like the floors in your home, it’s a huge canvas to consider.

  • Pavers


    With so many colours, textures and shapes to choose from, virtually any look can be achieved.

  • Borders


    Finish off your paved areas with complementary borders to convey a property that has all the details taken care of.

  • Permeable Paving

    Permeable Paving

    For a clean, expansive feel, today’s concrete designs convey a high-end contemporary look.

  • Driveway
  • Driveway
  • Driveway


One of the details that convey the care you take for your guests. Your walkways are the first experience they’ll have of your home.


Working with the look of your architecture and surrounding walkways, your steps should be a fitting progression into your home.

Landings / Courtyards

When you include areas to pause, have a chat or just relax it conveys a certain easy living attitude and welcoming sensibility.

Wrap your home in the beauty of nature.

Often the most noted – and most gratifying – element of a property front, the gardens add rich colour, visual excitement and simply stunning beauty.

  • Plants


    A garden layout that is well-planned will be a reward throughout the growing season.

  • Planters


    A great way to add hits of colour and lush greenery at a variety of levels.

  • Water Features

    Water Features

    As an art piece, a place to stop and enjoy the sights, or to encourage bird life, water features can serve many goals.

Your home and gardens in the most beautiful light.

  • House

    The right lighting around your home will not only increase safety, but it will present your home in a welcoming glow.

  • Walkway

    Avoid tripping and slipping hazards by making sure walkways are sufficiently lit — important year-round.

  • Perimeter

    Maximize safety and security on your property with well-lit entrances, gates and fencing using motion-sensing, timed or remote technologies.

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