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Garden Studios

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For many of us, the purpose of our home is evolving. What used to be a shelter from our hectic modern lifestyle is now our office, gym, and entertainment hub.

With the colder months fast-approaching, trying to get the most out of our current indoor space can be challenging. Some activities require a level of concentration that is almost impossible to find in a shared living space.

Wentworth’s custom garden studios bring your dream office, yoga studio or gym to your property and give you a peaceful separation from your living quarters.

Unlike traditional insulated sheds, Wentworth’s garden studios are custom designed to meet your vision, maximize your view and perfectly complement your home and landscape.

  • Don’t wait around.

    With immediate availability, you can get your project done this winter season.

  • Get your project done right.

    When you choose Wentworth, you can count on the same award-winning design and craftsmanship you’ve come to know us for.

  • Expect no surprises.

    Finish your project on time and on budget—without the headaches that often come with renovations.

Get started on your garden studio today. Here’s how.

1. Request a consultation.

During an in-home meeting, we’ll want to hear your vision for the project.

2. Receive design and quote.

Our team will design your garden studio according to your vision and budget. If you already have a plan or don’t require one, we’ll provide you with a detailed quote.

3. Finish this winter.

ReMost custom garden studios can be built during the winter months and be ready before spring!

Request a consultation for your garden studio today.

Call 613.476.1181, email [email protected] or tell us a little about your vision by filling out the form below.