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Plant life enhances life.

Gardens provide endless pleasure. We escape from our hectic lives for the beauty and tranquility there, to marvel at the growing cycles of our favourite specimens and enjoy the bird and animal life that pass through. Whether you’re a gardener at heart or you prefer to enjoy them without the work, gardens are a treasure like no other.


Variety and Planning Make the Garden

Rocks and Stones as Part of the Natural Beauty

  • Large Natural Stones

    Large Natural Stones

    Artfully placed rocks and stones can achieve a more naturalized beauty and add visual interest.

  • Walkways and Steps

    Walkways and Steps

    Create beauty underfoot too. Your walkways and steps are a significant, and most used, part of your gardens.

  • Seating Areas

    Seating Areas

    Encourage full enjoyment of your gardens with inviting and beautiful seating in those spots with the exceptional views.

  • Walls


    Garden walls function as physical barriers for plants (and people), but they also can convey a great deal about the style of the garden.

  • Ground Covers

    Ground Covers

    For a rich, natural effect, mosses and low covers can be introduced onto and around rocks in the right light and moisture conditions.

  • House Number

    Custom House Numbers

Enhance with Your Own Touches

  • Large Natural Stones


    Put your personal mark on your space with an artistic expression that’s meaningful to you.

  • Walkways and Steps


    The sound of falling or moving water can be a relaxing and pleasing garden element.

  • Bird Baths

    Bird Baths

    Encourage bird life to your garden and a vibrant ecology right in your own backyard.

  • Walls

    Planter Boxes

    Bring the lush greenery up from ground level. Planter boxes can also be great to define areas or outdoor rooms.

  • Ground Covers


    Add stylish finishes to your area with urns from modern in styling to stately and traditional.

  • Ground Covers

    Garden Sheds & Studios

    Create a designated area for your gardening tools, as well as a lovely space to do any gardening projects.

Garden structures.
Ready for the summer.

When springtime arrives, you’re ready to enjoy your outdoor space. And now you won’t need to wait to enjoy your new outdoor structure!

Wentworth can design and build a garden structure over the winter so that its ready to enjoy once the weather warms up. Whether a small custom pergola, glass house or a large custom carriage house, Wentworth can create the perfect outdoor space. Each structure can be used in many ways — as an outdoor kitchen or dining area, a yoga or art studio, a guest house or even a home office. You choose.

In some cases, we may even be able to complete the construction during the winter, using the latest winter construction techniques!

Garden Lighting

Whether you want to stroll through your gardens at night or simply enjoy the view from afar, lighting will only add to the beauty.

The benefits of nature in a pond.

A pond system offers so much to a home garden. Beyond their beauty, these miniature ecosystems support a range of water, plant, animal and insect life. They provide a sound buffering effect from urban noises in the area, and they are a great source of enjoyment and education for children.

Keeping Your Space Fresh

Mulch & Soil Remediation

Ensure your landscape has the right nutrient levels for a healthy soil system and lush plant growth with nutrient-rich mulches and fertilizers.


Automatic systems are the best way to ensure the right areas are consistently getting the right amounts of water, which will be an overall savings in time and money.

Gardens & Lawn Care

Our customized maintenance service protects your investment by keeping your landscape healthy and looking beautiful. But even more important, it allows you to spend your own time doing the things you really want to be doing outdoors - enjoying your landscape, having fun with family and friends, or just taking a break from all those hours indoors!

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