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Eat Out

knife and spoon

The better dining experience.

Have you noticed? Food just tastes better when you’re eating outside. There’s no magic to it, really – when we add the beauty of the outdoors to one of our most enjoyable social activities, it simply makes everything better!

Great Times. Built in.

Everything You Need in a Kitchen

(no need to run back inside) Whether it’s about a love of great food or a desire to have a properly equipped area, building a kitchen with everything you need within arms’ reach is a recipe for awesome!
  • Sinks

    From washing hands to rinsing fruit, any food prep is possible with a sink as part of your kitchen set up.

  • Fridges

    No need to wait to go back inside to get what you need. Keep your food and drinks at the ready for anytime outdoor fun.

  • Storage

    Essential in creating a fully equipped area – a safe place to keep all your outdoor cooking tools, dishes and cutlery.

  • Dishwashers

    Why haul dirty dishes back inside? An outdoor dishwasher keeps things ultra-efficient.

  • Tamper-proof Components

    Keep unwanted guests from making a mess with appliances and garbage units that are critter-resistant.

Starting at

$ 35K

A kitchen design for every cook.


Starting at

$ 25K

Is your cooking style minimalist or more extravagant? Do you like to dine quietly with one or two friends or create a lively dinner party of 12? We can design the perfect outdoor kitchen to suit your style (even if there are multiple cooks in the kitchen!)

  • Kitchen

    Starting at

    $ 12.5K

  • Kitchen

    Starting at

    $ 20K

  • Kitchen

    Starting at

    $ 17.5K

The kitchen is the most used room in the backyard.

There’s no doubt – the kitchen is a central area in our homes. It’s always full of life and action, so much more than simply cooking and eating together. We bring the same feeling to your outdoor kitchen – to make it a place that people gravitate to, and for all the wonderful things that will happen there.

How About Dinner in the Rain!

You’ll see the beautiful side of the rain when you’re under the protection of a gorgeous covered structure.

There’s a structure to enhance every outdoor space

No more worrying about what the weather will bring! Enjoy cooking and dining outside rain or shine with a vented pavilion or perhaps a pergola with retractable covers. The style possibilities are endless with our custom design service.

Starting at

$ 20K

  • Starting at

    $ 10K

  • Starting at

    $ 7.5K

  • Starting at

    $ 15K

Extra Toppings for Your Kitchen

Cook & dine late into the evening.

Keep the great party food coming off the grill well into the night with kitchen and dining areas that are lit for the mood.

Ready to spend more time outside?

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