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Beach Ball

The water is gorgeous – and so is the pool!

A luxurious way to enjoy your outdoors. Pools and hot tubs bring your friends and family together while enhancing the beauty and value of your property.

The focal point of memorable get-togethers.

Whether diving into the pool during the hot summer days, or warming up in the hot tub on the colder ones, there’s nothing better than inviting friends, family and loved ones to make memories… in the water!


Inspired aquatic escapes.

No matter the shape or size, our designers focus on who, how and when you’ll be using your pool — creating an immersive retreat that fits right into your landscape.
Dive into the deep end, dry off in the sun on the patio or lounge in the shade under a poolside cabana’s roof.
Start the day or wind down at the end by exercising in a lap pool — a beautiful way to stay fit.
Seamlessly blend your pool and patio with coping that complements. With so many colours, textures and shapes to choose from, almost any look can be achieved.
As the summer days begin, watch the fog rise off the water as you wake yourself up with a cool swim. And once it’s warmer, jump right back in to cool off!

Automate your pool.

Today’s technology puts your pool cover, heating system, lighting and water features at your fingertips. You can control your entire pool system from a phone or tablet.

Simply add hot water.

For a spectacular outdoor experience anytime, a hot tub or outdoor spa is an oasis of warm, soothing water made even more enjoyable by open skies above and a beautiful landscape all around.

Enjoy your hot tub year-round.

Whether summer or winter, your hot tub can be designed for use no matter the season with specialized covers and heating systems.

A pleasure in sight and sound.

Create a new focal point in your landscape with water or fire feature. From naturalized babbling brooks to elegant waterfalls paired with an open flame, these features are a pleasure in a variety of styles.

Create the perfect atmosphere.

Set the mood inside and around your pool and hot tub with dimmable lights thoughtfully placed throughout your landscape.

Add underwater lighting.

Swim in the pool or lounge in the spa late into the evening with built-in underwater lighting. Just ask us how — we’re happy to help!

Outdoor structures build a pool lifestyle.

Cabanas, pool sheds and pool houses give you everything you need to play the day away.

Build your structure in the off-season.

Have everything ready for summer by getting the Wentworth team to design and build your structure in fall, winter or springtime.

Ready to spend more time outside?

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Ready to spend more time outside?