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Seating & Shade

Hang Out

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The perfect space to kick back and relax.

For most people, coming up with ways to keep busy comes easy, but we often need a little help (and encouragement) to enjoy a break. We help develop outdoor spaces that have the power to pull you away from your busy lives, to just relax and enjoy the beauty all around.


Relax to the Max

  • Relaxing in lawn chair


    First stop: let’s create that perfect place of comfort and relaxation for first rate lounging. Whatever your leisure style – ultra-comfort, kid-oriented, shaded refuge or sunny resort style - we’ll elevate it to an art form!

  • People dining


    Combine your love of the outdoors and your love of great food with a beautiful outdoor dining space. It’s ideal for completing a great day spent in the backyard or for highlighting an otherwise regular day spent indoors. A meal outdoors is always a little more special.

  • People entertaining


    Whether you love to host spectacular events or intimate dinner parties, you can start planning now! When you have an outdoor space that suits you to a tee, you’ll get all the more enjoyment from it.

Patios that Elevate Your Outdoor Living

The place for gathering, relaxing and enjoying the view, the patio is an important centre for your outdoor living. To get the very most out of your patio, you need to love what it does for you and your home.

  • Interlocking Pavers

    Interlocking Pavers

    Pavers are a great option for a tidy, stylish look – with the versatility to work with many different over-arching styles.

  • Natural Stone

    Natural Stone

    You will simply never regret using natural stone. It never fails to look gorgeous and adds a look of timeless quality to any property.

  • Permeable Paving

    Permeable Paving

    Great for a clean, contemporary feel – stunning as either a full and uniform expanse or working with another material for visual interest.

Decks that Set the Stage

Why not craft the perfect spot for your favourite times in life. Those relaxing moments at the end of a busy day? Getting together with friends for an easy bbq? A sunny weekend brunch? Your deck is the place to do it all – making everyday events special or special events spectacular!

Common deck materials

  • Pressure Treated Lumber
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Composite Decking
Feature Deck image
  • Deck
  • Deck
  • Deck

Building Great Outdoor Living

Pavilions add luxury

Pavilions do double duty by adding great function and an impressive style to a space. With a structure for protection from the harsh sun and inevitable rains, your time outside won’t be cut short. Pavilions give architectural presence to your property – a solid enhancement to the value of your home.

Feature Building
  • Pergola


    When you want to develop an area that works for lounging, dining or entertaining and feels open and yet substantial, a pergola is great option. It’s an element that always flows well between the architecture of the home and the natural elements of the outdoors.

  • Gazebo


    Gazebos offer great coverage while still giving the feeling of being part of the outdoors. Because they can be set virtually anywhere, they let you enjoy an especially beautiful view or an under-used area of your property. A great way to feel you’ve escaped for a while or to spend time with loved ones.

  • People entertaining

    Privacy Screen

    Sometimes having the perfect view is simply a matter of re-defining your sight lines. Privacy screens allow you to be selective about what you see from your patio or deck, as well as the view that’s possible from the outside looking into your space.

Outdoor Furniture

  • Bar Stool

    Bar Stools

    You know it’s a good choice when it’s the kind of seating that people always gravitate to.

  • Table


    Offering more than one table will meet a variety of needs and convey a more indoor room feel.

  • Chair


    There are a limitless options in chairs by function, style, materials and finishes.

  • Couches


    From pure luxury lounging to formal, elegant seating, couches make a big impact.

  • Hammock


    Instant relaxation. If you don’t have the right trees for set up, a stand and umbrella can also do the trick.

  • Umbrella


    Practical protection from the sun and rain, and easily portable when that perfect spot changes.

Complete your outdoor experience with lighting.

Well-designed landscape lighting is part of our complete, purpose-driven design process, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space at any time of the night.
  • Set the Mood

    Landscape lighting creates moods. Whether you’re hosting a party or just lounging on your own, set the ambience so your outdoor living can continue into the evening.

  • Customize the Design

    Customizable, precision-engineered and contractor-grade fixtures with LED bulbs can suit whatever feature or atmosphere you’re looking for in your landscape.

  • Choose the Effects

    Today’s LED bulbs can create a range of effects in your landscape — change colours, choose the desired “warmth” of the lighting or set the angle of the lens.

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