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Island Elegance

Cottage backyard Award Winner

Visual Harmony on the Lake

Situated atop a high shoreline, these gardens admire spectacular views of the bay. The significant change in topography provides both challenges and opportunities that were met through creative solutions. To make the most of these elevation changes, the design intentionally transitions the outdoor space from the bold architectural lines of the home to the organic, natural features of the site and waterfront as you descend to the water.

Curb Appeal

The streetview showcases the craftsmanship of this fine home through its landscaping and gardens. The curved laneway leads guests to wide, natural stone entrance steps that reflect the scale and beauty of the home’s façade. The balance, consistency and order to the plantings create an informal elegance in the overall look and feel of the home.

Curb Appeal

Landscape Maintenance

This home started as the family cottage built by our client’s father. The cottage itself went through a dramatic transformation, but original landscape elements of the family getaway were maintained to tie together the old summer memories with the new ones to come.

Landscape Maintenance


  • Elevated Transitions

    Elevated Transitions

    Access through the waterfront gardens was achieved through a series of terraces and natural stone steps that initially mirror the bold architectural lines at the upper levels, and transition to the waterfront through more natural steps and terraced sitting areas. Visual harmony was achieved through the use of the same hardscape materials, and a consistent plant palette throughout the gardens.

  • Alive At Night

    Alive At Night

    The living areas come alive at night through the fire table and fire pits to gather around, and landscape lighting that guides family and friends through the gardens while dramatically highlighting trees and landscape features.

  • Outdoor Peace

    Outdoor Peace

    The success of this project is a result of a great partnership with the clients, through listening and understanding their needs, being gentle and sympathetic to the natural landscape, and creating many varied and dynamic spaces to enjoy this magnificent waterfront property.

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